Wild Boar Week in Rye

We will see the 6th Wild Boar Week in Rye starting 22nd to 30th October 2016. 

A celebration of culinary delights from the countryside, the restaurants of Rye will be showcasing all manner of gamey treats including pheasant, rabbit, venison and of course, wild boar. The term game arises in medieval hunting terminology from the Old English gamen meaning joy, amusement, sport and refers to any animal hunted for sport or for food. Wild boar farming began in Britain in the 1980s and the number of farms has increased in line with demand for this much enjoyed meat. Wild boar in Britain became extinct in medieval times, however after an absence of approximately 700 years, they have remarkably become accidentally reintroduced due mainly to sporadic escapes of captive or farmed wild boar, and are now roaming and breeding in the British countryside once again. There is an active population around the East Sussex and Kent areas, the largest in England.

Travel back through the centuries to the Dark Ages, to celebrate the food, drinks and music from days of old. Wild Boar week sees a series of events happening in and around Rye, including the Brede Farmers' Market, Rye Farmers' Market, and live music in some of the atmospheric local venues. Enjoy walks and tours to learn more about the region and its produce, or join in the pumpkin carving and ghost story readings. Plenty for the family to get involved in.

Eat your way around the area, with spectacular menus and tasting events created by local restaurants based on the many varieties of game. Dishes such as slow roasted Venison or Boar, Wild Pigeon Fricassee, Rabbit Hot Pot, Braised Partridge, Hog Roasts ... and of course all manner of sausages!

Pigs and apples are the perfect pairing, so why not sample a few of the region's local ciders to wash it all down.

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