Try Alpaca Trekking

The Alpacas are domesticated animals with South American origin similar to a llama but smaller. There are 2 different breeds of Alpacas, Suri Alpaca which grows long and forms dreadlocks and Huacaya Alpaca which has a more woolly and dense fleece almost like a teddy bear and they are commonly known for their fibre. This is used to make knitted and woven items, similar to wool but much warmer and not so itchy which means it’s a hypoallergenic fleece. With more than 22 different colours to choose from it has become a more popular option for ‘woolly pulleys’ and it’s recognised as one of the most luxurious fibres of the world.

Alpacas are lovely animals, very alert, calm, curious and predictable and in the UK you can go Trekking with them! So if you like walking and animals this is the perfect combination and it’s an activity for the whole family.

In the southeast of England Alpaca Trekking it’s becoming a very well-known attraction. At only 13 miles from Rye you can experience a walk through the beautiful South East countryside, leading your very own Alpaca, just make sure it’s a sunny day. Alternatively you can do the meet and great activity in which you will be able to feed them and take photos.