Rye's Wild Boar Returns

October 21-27 is Wild Boar Week in Rye, East Sussex. This is the 7th annual celebration of this ever popular event, which is far from being a bore!

Embrace the “game” and indulge in Venison, Mallard, Partridge, Pheasant and other tasty delights that include Game Mash and Burgers, Celeriac Cheese Chestnut Chilli or what about Dumplings?

Feast your way around Rye and don’t forget to drop by The Flackley Ash Hotel for a relaxing night stay or simply dine in our restaurant. Go to http://www.flackleyashhotel.co.uk/  for more information.

For those looking for more than a great bite, there is a Hog Hunt at Rye Harbour for the children, an array of live music for the grownups, a guided ghost walk, Game Cooking at Webbe’s and an Animal With Attitude Art Exhibition.

12 “Boaring” Facts

  1. The Kent and East Sussex borders with their mix of agricultural and woodland make a perfect setting for the Wild Boar’s needs, combined with the relatively wet yet mild climate.
  2. It is estimated that 200 of these animals are in this core area.
  3. Hunted to almost extinction more than around 1260, the wild boar population is now once again on the increase, with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affaires estimating that there are more than 1,000 living in Britain.
  4. Despite their appearances they can run up to 30 MPH, jump 6ft and weigh around 20 stone when fully grown.
  5. A boar needs 4,000 – 4,500 calories of food per day
  6. Female boars are called Sows
  7. If they are looking to breed they should be fed 2 or 3 hours in advance
  8. A collection of young females who have been identified as potential brood sows are known as the Gilt pool.
  9. The boar is the last animal in the oriental zodiac, with people born during the year of the Pig being said to embody the boar-like traits of determination and impetuosity.
  10. In India Wild Boars were hunted on horseback using a spear – it is called Pig Sticking.
  11. Robins are often seen following boars.
  12. In Rye mid-October, humans will also be spotted in search of wild Boar.