Rye Bay Scallop Week

Rye Bay Scallop Week Sat 18th – Sun 26th February 2017
2017 sees the 15th Rye Bay Scallop festival, marking the peak of the scallop season when this plump highly-prized mollusc is at its very best.

Scallops are at their biggest at the end of February, so this is the perfect opportunity to explore this succulent delicacy in all its forms!

There are more than 300 species of scallops in the world, and they have long been fished in the waters of Rye Bay, with local fishermen adhering to strict byelaws to ensure the sustainability of this sought-after shellfish. These restrictions ensure only the best and largest scallops are harvested, with smaller ones returned to the seabed, which makes Rye Scallops some of the best in the world. Taking advantage of the season’s abundant harvest, thousands of scallops will be shucked, cooked and sold throughout the town, with local hotels and restaurants vying to introduce visitors to their special scallop menus.

During this week the charming medieval town of Rye also hosts a variety of scallop-themed events. Why not enrol in ‘Scallop School’ where you can prepare your own lunch of a scallop dish for each of the seven courses! Or enjoy a medley of scallops and sea shanties in a traditional pub atmosphere, whilst both Rye and Brede Farmers’ Markets will of course be featuring the best of the scallops. For those lucky enough to secure a room during the festival, many of the local hotels will even be offering scallops for breakfast. But book early, this festival is gaining in popularity as more and more people discover the delights of this tasty mollusc.