"Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside"

Summer holidays by the sea..

‘‘Everyone delights to spend their summer’s holiday down beside the side of the silvery sea I’m no exception to the rule. In fact, if I’d my way I’d reside by the side of the silvery sea’’

These are the first few lines from the popular British music Hall song which was written by John A Glover-Kind in 1907. It was brought to fame in 1909 by Mark Sheridan, reflecting the mood of Victorian England, when the British working class saved their old pennies for their annual visit to the beach. Here, they embraced the simple joys of buckets and spades, making sandcastles, donkey rides on the beach, boat trips, Punch and Judy and of course all the fun of the fair. For traditional “dining” Fish and Chips, cockles and whelks and of course ice cream and candy floss were readily available, as it is still today.

Camber Sands is 8 miles from Flackley Ash Hotel located in the village of Camber, east of the estuary of the River Rother and is the only sand dune system in East Sussex. It provides a natural habitat for animals and plants and Rother District’s geological and paleontological heritage, encourage the responsible collection of fossils.

The rocks along this coastline are part of the Cretaceous Age Hastings Group and are some of the oldest rocks in the Wealden Formation. They were laid down 135- 140 million years ago, in the Lower Cretaceous Period as sediments in freshwater lakes and rivers. Of orange tones and rich in natural iron, it is understandable why this area was the centre of the iron industry from the Roman period right up until the 17th century.

The dunes were fortified and used for exercises in the Second World War and featured in the historic movies D Day, The Longest Day and Dunkirk staring John Mills. They have also been the back drop for movies with such famous people as George Clooney, Matt Damon and Paul McCartney being spotted in the area, as well as being referred to by Squeeze in “Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) . What is more for the Doctor Who fans amongst us, in 1965 it featured as planet Aridius.

The two mile stretch of sandy beaches will entertain all types of visitors including those who are looking to do more than sunbathe. Explore this historical area, visit nearby castles and museums, horse ride around low tide or maybe windsurf in the Rother.