More days out before its time to go back to school

Summer is a time for adventure, freedom and fun but it’s now the time when we start thinking about a new school year beginning, filled with homework, tests, uniforms, lunch money, school runs, and all the other academic matters; So before the September surge, why not consider an activity to distract you from what’s round the corner, Here are some of our suggestions on how you could make the most of these last few weeks:

  1. Have a Picnic
  2. Go swimming one more time
  3. Eat Ice Cream
  4. Visit a craft fair
  5. Go for a walk on the countryside
  6. Sleep in
  7. Have a device-free day
  8. Stay at a local hotel for the night just because you can
  9. Go Camping
  10. Hop on your bike and take the scenic route
  11. Visit a nearby historical place - we love Bodiam Castle
  12. Watch a movie in the cinema -we love the Kino Cinema in Rye
  13. Visit an amusement park
  14. Go kayaking
  15. Just relax and read a book.