Happy English Wine Week

It’s an exciting time for wine lovers with the English Wine Week starting on the 28th of May!

Going all the way back to Roman times when wine making was first introduced to English people we haven’t been able to stop trying to perfect our wine production. Thanks to the wonderful limestone soils of Sussex and Kent which are suitable for growing the grapes used to produce sparkling wine, the Wine Standards Board reported just over 450 vineyards producing wine in England this year.

If you are staying at Flackley Ash Hotel this week, why not visit some of the places in the Southeast of England that produce great wines such as The Chapel Down Winery just 12 minutes away by car. On their guided tours you will be able to see the traditional methods used to produce sparkling local wines and taste some of their over 35 different options. Prices from £10.00. 

Another good option for this week is Sedlescombe Organic Vineyard also very close to our hotel at just 15 minutes drive away. Recently they have won a number of awards for their selection of wines and in 2010 they were the first vineyard to produce Biodynamic English wines. They also offer different types of tours that you can choose from, with the Deluxe Tour being highly recommended.

Please make sure that you book in advance. Our receptionist will be please to help you. The English Wine Week will be full of events and festivals all around the country however to find out more details of what’s happening around the area you can visit their website here.

At Flackley Ash Hotel we feel very proud of being part of this extraordinary community and would like you to have a taste of the surrounding areas, so why not sample a glass in our comfy lounge and our well stock gardens. For those wishing to dine please ask the restaurant manager for tips on what to try from our featured wines and enjoy your country escape.